13 Best Tool Backpacks of 2019: Reviews & Guide

Many workers of different professions often have a hard time moving around with their tools. This is mostly because they lack a proper backpack to carry them. Well, nothing to worry about as you can now get the best tool backpack 2019 and make your life easier. The right backpack will make carrying your tools around each day easier. You will also not have to worry about the tools knocking on each other anymore, because they all can be stored in separate pockets.

Many people feel a bit lost when it comes to buying the best tool backpack 2019. No one can blame you as there are so many models available on the market right now. It is always possible that at some point you might be confused about which model is the best. You can also get all the manufacturers screaming that their products are better than others are. But you need to stay focused to be sure that you will pick the right tool backpack.

No more bad choices as we are here to help you. We have reviewed some of the best tool backpacks 2019 you can possibly find and order online today. These tool backpacks have a high number of positive reviews from real users who found them amazing in different ways. Whether you are an electrician or a plumber, we have a perfect tool backpack for you. We have analyzed various models so that you have an easy time picking the best tool backpacks 2019 based on your profession and any other needs. Let us get started right away. Let’s find the best tool backpack for an electrician, a plumber or a mechanic! Skip to the best tool backpack at Amazon.

Best Tool Backpacks 2019 Comparison

This comparison table will give you an idea of what to expect with the different backpacks in brief before the main reviews.

Product Pockets Dimensions Fabric Waterproof Padded Back Support Material Weight Rating
CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack
1. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1134
48 9” x 7”,7” x 6”,6” x 5” Polyester Yes Yes Ballistic poly fabric 4.65 lbs.
5 out of 5
Custom Leathercraft Tool Backpack ECPL38
2. Custom Leathercraft ECPL38
31 10.25 x 15.25 x 19.5 in Polyester Yes Yes Ballistic poly fabric 7.3 lbs.
4.8 out of 5
Dewalt DGCL33 Tool Backpack
3. Dewalt DGCL33
33 13 x 17 x 10.25 in Polyeste Yes Yes 1680D Ballistic weave 5.75 lbs.
4.5 out of 5
Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Technician Backpackk
4. Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC
56 14.25 x 9.88 x 21.5 in Polyester Yes Yes Ballistic poly fabric 9 lbs.
4.5 out of 5
CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack
5. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132
75 9” x 7”,7” x 6”,6” x 5” Polyester Yes Yes Ballistic poly fabric 5 lbs.
4.5 out of 5

Best Tool Backpacks 2019 Reviews

1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack Review

This tool backpack is often the choice of many people thanks to what it has to offer. This is mostly due to the top construction features it will provide. The CLC custom 1134 carpenter’s one of the best tool backpacks 2019 from a famous brand. You can now be sure to get heavy duty backpacks when you get them from the CLC company. This one is not any different.

For many people a functional tool backpack needs to have the right number of pockets. Well, you do not have to worry about the pockets when it comes to this model. It will give you up to 48 pockets. You can easily see that the storage is not going to be a problem. You will have enough number of pockets to store all the different things you want. The manufacturer did not forget about the clip-on pockets too. You get up to three clip-on pockets, which is more additional storage for you.

So, where can the bag be used? For anyone looking to buy the best tool bag, then the application is going to be important. This is where you have to consider if this will be a construction tool backpack or craftsman tool backpack. Well, with its many pockets and other important features, you should find it easy to use the model as a carpenter’s tool backpack. That is even what the manufacturer recommends when it comes to using the tool backpack.

Many carpenters will find a use for it because of the compression pocket that is still adjustable. The adjustability of the pocket allows for carrying the large and bulky items.

The manufacturer of this best tool backpack had to partition the bag so that it becomes easy to use when it comes to storing your stuff. The model has two main zippered compartments. You could use one for storing the tools and parts while the others for the cordless drill and its battery. There is no doubt that you will find this tool backpack having more space for several applications. It is then not just limited to a carpenter, anyone who finds uses for it will enjoy using it.

How about the comfort? For anyone going to buy a tool backpack, the comfort of the tool backpack is always going to be an important consideration. You want to end up with a model that will be comfortable to carry over long distances. The model comes with a comfortable and padded back support. The comfortable pad on the back will allow you to carry heavy tools to and from work.

Still on comfort, the model has padded shoulder straps. This makes it also possible to keep the straps from digging into your shoulders. You will always have leverage when it comes to carrying the tool backpack.


  • It is a comfortable backpack
  • Partitioned for ease of organizing the backpack
  • Durable clip for hanging tools
  • Large pockets for carrying bulky items


  • It can feel sweaty on the back as it is not well ventilated

2. Custom Leathercraft Tool Backpack ECPL38

Custom Leathercraft Tool Backpack ECPL38

This is one of the best tool backpacks available which is known for the holding quite a number of accessories. The features are outstanding, some of them include 15000 mAh power bank, 31 Multi-use sockets, 5 pockets, 200 Lumen LED Light and so many others. Even with these features it possesses, it comes at a very affordable price, and that is why it is a top choice for users.

Also, it is very easy to carry around; so, you don’t need to worry about your instruments. Let’s continue with our best tool backpacks 2019.


  • Can be used to charge your devices (2 max)
  • The LED light is a source of illumination
  • Over 30 Multi-purpose socket for users
  • Very comfortable to carry around


  • Maintenance is high

3. Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack

Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack – 40 Pocket

This is one of the best tool backpacks 2019, and it is known for maximum comfort and high durable use. It is also called a lighted bag, and it possesses amazing features like LED Light, 20 V max lithium ion battery, etc. It can hold quite a number of accessories and devices because of the number of compartments or storage options it has.

Although this bag comes at an affordable price, it is a great value for money with the kind of function it performs and the comfort it gives.


  • Very easy to open and close
  • Durable
  • High-level of performance and comfort
  • LED light and 20 V battery


  • The LED Light is not too strong

4. Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Technician Backpack

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Technician Backpack

Veto Pro Pac also called a technician tool backpack is no doubt the best tool backpack for anyone who is in tech operations. The bag can house a lot of tools, equipment, and materials. It is different from every other kind of backpack known on the basis of its design.

Often times, it comes in black color and can withstand several conditions i.e. it is weatherproof and waterproof. The material (Nylon) used in manufacturing the item is great quality, and it has several amazing features. All in all, this is one of the best tool backpacks 2019.


  • It has 2 storage bays
  • Easy access to equipment
  • Many compartments and useful for heavy-duty ops
  • Design and material quality is top notch


  • Quite expensive
  • Maintenance is high

5. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack Review

Just like any other custom Leathercraft tool backpack, this one also has some features that should drive more people to pick it. This CLC 1132 backpack packs quite a number of features that should make it usable mostly by the electricians. They will always find that it gives them the space to carry their tools to the worksite with ease.

A 75 pocket tool backpack is not a small thing. Not many even best tool backpacks 2019 would have such many pockets. The good thing is that all these pockets are usable. You will always find it easy to use the backpack to carry various tools with ease. Some might have complained of getting smaller pockets, but they always end up finding use for them. So, what are some of the tools you can store in this tool backpack? This CLC tool backpack allows for carrying a 14-piece wrench set, extension cords, pliers, electric drills, and more. You can see that as an electrician you will always have a tool backpack that can cater for all your needs.

The construction is based on ballistic poly fabric. Well, when you read the word ballistic, durability is what comes to the mind. The model has been constructed with the durability of the backpack in mind. The manufacturer understood that it is all about having a model that an electrician can use for years. You do not have to worry about the fabric tearing when you really need to use the tool backpack. There have been some complaints about the seam stitching. Some feel that it could be improved. For those who might not be carrying heavy equipment each day, the backpack should just be fine.

Since the tools you would be carrying might be heavy, the manufacturer did not want the bag to be heavy. It is the reason you should find this backpack being lightweight. You can now always use it without feeling that it could weigh you down.

The zippers, on the other hand, are good to keep your tools in the backpack. You do not want to realize later when you are walking and tools start falling out of the backpack. Some even the best tool backpacks 2019 might have the zipper problem, but not for this one.

The back support on this mechanic tool backpack is amazing. Without the proper back support, sometimes you find yourself hurting from carrying a tool backpack. You will not have to worry about this model as it gives you the right stability at all times. The padded back support also offers comfort. No more straining as compared to other tool backpacks on the market.

The same thing is true for the shoulder straps. The padding in them keeps the weight from affecting the shoulders too much. You should always find it easy to use the tool backpack for various applications.


  • High quality construction
  • It is lightweight
  • More storage space
  • Padded for comfort


  • It has weak stitching

6. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack Review

Klein Tools is another top brand you could find on the market making backpacks. The company makes other products, but the backpacks also seem to stand out more. You can be sure that you will always find something do to with the space that is provided with this backpack. The Klein Tools Tradesman pro tool backpack is always seen as good value for money as we will get to see.

The model has been made for people who want a durable tool backpack and good value for money. The manufacturer took the time to learn more about which materials would be the best for it. Finally, the 1680D ballistic weave fabric was used. This kind of material is here to stay for years to come. You will not have to worry about bag durability anymore. The material can handle the huge pressure when you are carrying bulky stuff in the backpack. Well, a good construction is something many people want when it comes to a backpack.

It is for reasons such as strong construction that makes more people feel comfortable about using this cheap tool backpack. You should find it popular among the contractors, technicians, and any person who likes a quality tool backpack.

This Kleim tradesman pro is one of the best technician backpacks on the market. Considering that the technicians might have several tools, then more pockets could come in handy. It is good news to know that the model comes with 39 pockets. The best part is that these pockets are designed in a way that makes organization easy. You can have different tools stored in different pockets. It will always be easy for you to retrieve the various tools with ease. Some of the pockets have straps important for holding the tools in one position.

The strong construction is not just for the fabric used, but also the other parts of this Klein tool backpack. You will easily note that the backpack comes with a tough molded bottom. The aim is that you have a model that is strong and can withstand the elements with ease. You can always place the back in different places and it will still look and work great. The molded bottom performance cannot be compared to the fabric bottoms.

Talking of molded components, you also get a hard molded front pocket. This is not a common feature among many models. This pocket comes in handy for storing your safety glasses and even other fragile items.

This one of the best tool backpacks 2019 comes with padded shoulders and back. Well, anyone should find it comfortable to carry the tool backpack even when it is heavily loaded with more stuff. Technicians will always find it easy to carry their different tools. To make it still easy to carry should be the handles. You do not necessarily have to carry it on your back.

The Camo finish is a nice touch. It gives the backpack a nice look and can good for hunters. This is because it will easily blend into the environment.


  • Multiple pockets for organizing the tools
  • It has a fully molded bottom for protection
  • Strong fabric construction
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • Fewer pockets as compared to rivals with the same price

7. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag

DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets Review

DEWALT as a brand has been in our homes for a while now. It is known for making some of the best tools that we all find useful to use in our homes. One of the best things you could buy from DEWALT, a backpack is one of them. You will always find it easy to have a backpack from such a top brand knowing that it will always perform its best.

You could say that being a lighted Dewalt tool backpack is one of the best features. A lighted tool backpack is not something that you see every day. You can be sure that it will give you a better performance than ever. The light is easily directed to whatever you are working on. This should make visibility easier for those who might be working in dark places. The light could still be used for checking for tools in the backpack thus ease of identification.

The best part about using the light is that it can be controlled. It is possible to play around with the brightness settings. It can give you up to 3 levels of brightness. Well, depending on the application you can now have a wide area illumination or a close-up beam for working on a project. It also has an overall light output of 39 Lumens max, which is still good for those who need some light.

It should not be just about the light and that is all. The model will also give you impressive performance when it comes to being the best tool backpack 2019 thanks to the multiple pockets. You will get up to 57 pockets so that you can store every tool you can possibly imagine. It has 48 multi-use pockets inside and an additional 9 pockets outside. The outside tools should help with organizing your favorite tools, accessories, and parts. You can always have an easy time using the tool backpack as it will cater to all your needs.

For many people, this is one large tool backpack. It has the capacity for carrying a multitude of accessories and tools. You can find many people using it to carry drills, pliers, wrench sets, testers, extension cord, and a lot more. There is no doubt you can always find a use for this model.

Another good thing about this mechanic tool backpack is that it is also easy to carry. Well, who would not love a comfortable tool backpack? The padded web carrying handles with the adjustable shoulder straps should make it easy for you to carry the tool backpack. There is also a large pad on the back so that you get the extra comfort while carrying the backpack.

It still comes with base pad feet. This should help with reducing the wear and abrasion caused to the bag.


  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with a light
  • Adjustable brightness level
  • 57 pockets are plenty
  • It is durable


  • The zippers could be improved

8. Klein Tools 55456BPL Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack

Klein Tools 55456BPL Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack Review

This is one of the best tool backpacks 2019 you can buy today for carrying your tools. It should help you with carrying your tools whether you are a technician or an electrician. You will find that the bag comes with a nicely padded compartment. The padding is important for holding your laptop or tablet when walking around with it. The room in the compartment is still big for carrying several other things such as clipboards, and blueprints.

As for the weight, it weighs around 6.4 lbs. For many people, this kind of weight is not a problem at all. You will always have an easy time carrying the tool backpack around even when loaded with the tool. The weight combined with quality construction makes the model easily stand out. You cannot possibly consider comparing this with your high-school backpack. This one has been built to work and last for years to come.

The zippers of some Klein Tradesman Pro tool backpacks might always be an issue. Well, that is not the same for this one. You get sturdy zippers with oversized pulls. This means that you have zippers that can hold the tool backpack together under high tension and can easily be closed or opened even when wearing gloves. You get more pockets for each compartment that you open. This is good so that you will not have to worry about needing more pockets to keep more stuff. You also ted tiered pockets which could come in handy to hold business cards.

The fabric used for constructing this model is on another level. Since the manufacturer knew the model would be used for several applications, it had to be the best also. This meant using the best fabric. Its durability should make it easy for more people to feel comfortable using the tool backpack always. There is no doubt you will find more people going for this tool backpack always.


  • Hard molded front pockets
  • Sturdy bottom
  • Strong fabric
  • Strong zippers


  • The storage capacity could be improved

9. Milwaukee 48-22-8200 Jobsite Backpack

Milwaukee 48-22-8200 Jobsite Backpack Review

One would easily like this Milwaukee job site tool backpack just from its looks. From checking it out for the first time, you can easily find yourself feeling the urge to know more about it. There is no doubt it has some good first impressions that many would want.

When it comes down to the organization, you want a model that stands out for its capacity. Well, the 35 pockets on this model should be fine for most people. If you have to go to a job site with the best tool backpack, then this one should help you do so. The pockets are arranged in a way that allows for proper organization. You should have your tools well-organized so that retrieving them later is not a problem.

These pockets are designed to allow for carrying different sizes of tools. You can have large and small tools all in the same tool backpack. The large opening compartments allow you to get the bulky tools into the tool backpack easily. You still get stretchable pockets on the exterior so that you can carry a lot more. Some use it for carrying a water bottle. You never know when you might need to take some water.

The comfort, on the other hand, is still good. You get a model that gives you the comfort so that carrying it around with your tools is not a problem. You will notice that the tool backpack has adequate padding around the shoulder straps and the back. Considering the weight you will be carrying around, you should be lucky to have such a padding. The presence of a chest buckle helps with redistributing the weight of the tool backpack nicely. No more having too much stress on your back a lot.

In many tool backpack reviews, they always have to talk more about the type of construction. The same goes for this model. It comes constructed using a 1680 ballistic material. This is crucial for you to have a long lasting tool backpack. The material can withstand the daily use of the tool backpack without necessarily tearing. To make it even better, the zippers on the other hand as still strong. They give you better performance so that you can always enjoy using the tool backpack more often.

It is not just for carrying tools, but it can also work for other scenarios. With the laptop sleeve present, you should find more people also use it to carry their electronics. This just shows how the model is impressive for versatility.

The impact molded bottom is good for any job site tool backpack. You do not want a model that can easily be pricked when placed on the ground. This is why you have more people going for this type of tool backpack. This Milwaukee tool backpack is one of the best choices for mechanics.


  • Strong material for construction
  • Impact resistant molded base
  • 35 pockets for ease of organizing
  • Laptop sleeve for versatility


  • The laptop storage area could use more padding

10. Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack

Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack

For a long time, many people have used Rugged Tools pro tool backpack to carry their tools to work. Mostly it is because the backpack has come out to be seen as reliable as ever. You might just be interested in the model once you learn more about the features it has to offer.

Even from the name of this tech tool backpack, you will feel it is built to last long. It is made of 1680D polyester material. This type of material has been engineered to work in the toughest conditions. There is no doubt you will always find it easy to carry it to various places. The pockets and zippers are also reinforced so that they work great even when used in the toughest environments. The constant abuse at the job site will not take a toll on this type of backpack.

The pockets can be a consideration when looking for best tool backpacks for sale. Many would want a model with multiple pockets for various reasons. This one comes with 40 pockets. There is no doubt that you will find such a number being good for daily use. This means that you can carry all your tools to your workplace with ease. These pockets are also designed in a way that allows for ease of organization. It is always good to have a work tool backpack that makes it easy to retrieve the tools when needed. You can find pockets designed to hold wrenches, screwdrivers, electrical fish tape, electronics, and more. Be sure to store almost any tool that fits into the bag somewhere.

Some backpacks might be designed for a specific profession. As much as it might be good, it makes the backpack lack versatility. This one is all about helping people from different professions use it. You should find it handy for contractors, carpenters, plumbers, and many more. Such versatility has made the backpack quite popular and highly sought after today.

Any good technician tool backpack is supposed to have a strong construction. That is not a problem considering the hard molded bottom of this backpack. You can now be sure that your tools are safe from the elements when stored in this backpack. It is the reason you can find people using it in places with water, mud, and other elements without any problems.


  • Strong construction for every element
  • 40 pockets for storing all your gear
  • Molded hard bottom for more protection
  • Designed for different professions
  • Affordable


  • The padding on the shoulders is less compared to others

11. Dewalt DGC530 USB Charging Tool Backpack

Dewalt DGC530 USB Charging Tool Backpack – 23 Pocket Review

The Dewalt DGC530 tool backpack was designed thanks to the partnership between Dewalt and Custom Leathercraft Custom. These are two companies with the reputation of making the best tool backpacks. Well, you can be sure they made a high-quality model considering how people are willing to get this backpack. The model was made for those who need to move their tools to their job sites with ease. Starting today, if that journey was hard, it is time to change your backpack to this one.

To make this tool carrying backpack also stand out is the fabric used in the construction of the backpack. The high-quality fabric will make sure that the backpack can last for a long time to come. The stitching is just as important as the fabric. Luckily for this model, the manufacturer understands that. You will get a model that has the best stitching so that it does not rip open under heavy loads. It is also amazing how it can carry heavy loads considering it weighs only 3.8 lbs.

Moving onto the design, you are likely to be impressed with it. The attractive design should make more people go for it. The design gives you a black and yellow them that should appeal to many users. A total of 23 pockets is not bad for such a tool backpack. Some would have wished more, but it works for most construction users. The large pockets allow the user to store the large tools in the backpack with ease. You will not have to worry about carrying your tools to the job site anymore.

Another important feature not common in other models is the charging wall. This means that you can connect your tablet and smartphone for them to keep charging as you get to work. The lithium-ion battery can easily be charged so that you always have your phone and other electronics charged when working.

You still get the large-sized pads on the back for comfort. Sometimes carrying the construction tools can be tough on your back. This feature helps to ease the strain on your back always.


  • Comes with charging ports for you to charge your electronics
  • Affordable backpack
  • Easy to organize your tools
  • Strong fabric used in making it


  • The rechargeable battery is bought separately

12. WORKPRO 40-Pocket Jobsite Tool Backpack

WORKPRO 40-Pocket Jobsite best Tool Backpack Review

We all want to have the best backpack for tools that works great and can be relied upon to give you the performance you have always wanted. Well, that is where the Workpro 40-pocket job site tool backpack comes in. The model is quite reputable when it comes to helping you with moving the tools from one place to another. You will find that it is a top model that works for almost any professional.

It is within the right dimensions when it comes to the size. The manufacturer made to be the right size so that you do not feel it is too bulky. Just because it can be compact, it does not mean the capacity is compromised. There is a chance to can always carry the bulky tools with this model. You will never have to settle for other models that might be expensive and bulky.

Still on its important features, you will get up to 40 pockets. Yes, you read it right. Having such a number of pockets should appeal to as many people as possible. You could be a contractor or a technician, this bag will always a space for your tools. These many pockets allow you to easily organize the tools. You can now know which pocket has the tool that you need for a certain job.

The fully molded bottom is another important feature of any backpack. It means that you will have the option of storing heavy tools at the bottom. The other function of such a bottom is to help with protecting the tools from any elements. With the safety of sensitive tools assured, you should feel comfortable buying the backpack.

The manufacturer also has kept the comfort of the user in mind. This comes down to the padded back you get with the model. It is not just the back, but also the shoulders are padded. This is good to ensure that you have the best comfort when moving around.


  • Impressive capacity
  • Easy to store bulky tools
  • Hard molded bottom for protection
  • Comfortable padding


  • It has limited compartments

13. Nupla 67419 Black Label Rubber Bottom Backpack

Nupla 67419 Black Label Rubber Bottom Backpack Review

Nupla as a company is known for making some of the best tool backpacks 2019 you could buy today. It is not just the backpacks, but also the industrial tools and other accessories. Well, if you are making industrial tools, then you better make backpacks to carry such tools. It might have been just the right motivation to drive this company to start making backpacks at all. We do not regret at all having it in the industry as it has delivered some of the best models you can buy for carrying your tools.

It is possible to find it popular among electricians. This is mostly due to the number and size of pockets. These pockets allow them to neatly organize their tools for fast retrieval each time they need to use them. You can also find it popular with technicians of various professions. There is no doubt you would also find a use for it even if you are not an electrician. Another thing that attracts most users should be its construction. You can expect to have a sturdy and long lasting backpack whenever you pick this one.

Its durability allows the model to take on heavy impacts without a problem. It could be falling, pulling and still end up with a backpack with no wears and tears.

Another important part of any backpack is the seams. The seams of this bag are good as they can withstand more pressure. They have added strength to help the backpack stay for long without having to do any repairs.

The shoulder straps on the backpack are breathable. This means you have more comfort and not feel sweaty on your shoulders. There is also a chest strap that improves on security and spreading the weight of the backpack. You get to move more weight from the back to front with such a strap.


  • Strong ballistic nylon
  • Reinforced stitching for the seams
  • Breathable straps
  • Large pockets for bulky items


  • The pocket organization could have been better

Best Tool Backpacks Buying Guide 2019

It is possible to get the best tool backpacks being a category of its own in a store or even on an online store. This is mostly because these backpacks have become popular and people need them more often. It all comes down to the type of profession. Sometimes you can get the backpacks being used by electricians being different from those being used by carpenters. Right now you might be asking yourself who needs the best tool backpack? Well, here is a list of professionals that could use a tool backpack.

  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Masons
  • Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Technicians
  • Decorators
  • Whitesmiths and more

It is possible to get that these backpacks will have additional features that make them useful for various applications. You can even use them for carrying your laptops and other electronics without a problem. Some even come with a battery pack for charging your electronics while you are on the go.

Types of Tool Backpacks

If you are going to carry the large and long tools around all day long, then you have to get yourself the best backpack tool backpack. This is because rucksacks will have enough space to handle all your tools. You have to make sure it is the right type though. Here are the main types of tool rucksacks.

Heavy Duty Tool Backpacks

Even from the name heavy duty, it is easy to guess that such backpacks are here to last for long. They have a strong fabric and good stitches which makes them ideal to carry heavy and sharp tools. You don’t have to worry that the tools would tear through the fabric and fall out. Depending on the manufacturer, you should get models with additional features.

Regular Tool Backpacks

And then, there is also a regular tool backpack. These are good for carrying lightweight but long tools. If you’re working with heavy tools, then the heavy duty tool backpacks are your solution. These backpacks can often be used by hikers and backpackers who want to spend more time outdoors. You can carry your survival essentials with ease if you choose this model.

Why You Need A Tool Backpack

Whether you are an electrician, plumber or any other profession, you will need a tool backpack at some point. The best way to handle the organization and ease of carrying the tools is through having the best tool backpack. We get to look at why you need a tool backpack.

Having a better organization of tools

tool organization in a backpack

You can find many best tool backpacks being chosen mostly based on the number of pockets. These pockets and loops are the ones that allow for the organization of your tools. It is now possible to keep the tools in different places and easily acquire them when the need arises.

The other traditional bags might just be big with not compartments and pockets in them. Such a thing makes them unorganized. Even if you get such a tool backpack, keeping your tools organized is going to be a problem. You will also have to spend a lot of time trying to find a tool, which would have been easier when you had a proper tool backpack.

Easy transportation

The bags available on the market today can be carried in various positions. You can buy one that is only carried in the hand or the back. From the name backpack, you know that its main position for carrying it will be on the back. Using the back makes it easy to transport all your tools from one place to another. You will never mind the distance as it is possible to go a long way with a backpack.

The other traditional bags might be hard to carry especially if it lacks the back option. Most of them would also have a problem closing and thus being a nuisance to the user.

No more knocking of tools

The problem of using a traditional bag with no compartments is that you end up with tools knocking each other. This is mostly when walking from one place to another. The knocking is not good as it causes wear to the tools and sometimes damage. This is where you need to get yourself the best tool backpack today.

The right tool backpack will help a lot with keeping the tools in separate pockets and loops. This will minimize the noise and friction between the tools. That is another good benefit that should drive you to think about getting the best tool backpack 2019.

Waterproofing features

Weather can be unpredictable sometimes, well, a lot of the time. It’s exactly the reason you can choose to buy a waterproof tool backpack. In most cases, you will find such backpacks being expensive. As much as they are expensive, they are always worth the investment.

With the waterproof tool backpack feature, it means that you will have a backpack that will protect your tools at all times. There is no doubt you will have a peace of mind when using such type of a tool backpack.

No more hurting the spine

safe best tool backpack

If you cannot maintain a good spine posture, you are likely to end up with a few health problems. It is the reason you might want to get the tool backpack in the first place. The design of these backpacks it to help maintain the natural position of the spine. This is also followed by the padding on the back. The padding is important to make sure that you have the right comfort for your back.

This is unlike the other bags that would not have padding and might need you to bend forward when carrying tools. You always have to make sure that the backpack you choose gives you better support of the back.

Better weight balance

You will always have a better weight balance when working with the best tool backpack. The design allows you to store the tools in a way that does not hurt the body. With the shoulder straps and chest straps, you should end up with a better weight balance all the time. The same thing goes for the center of gravity. It is maintained within its right position. You will always have better stability than a person who has to lean to support the bag.

Work with your backpack in a small space

Let us say you are a plumber. Maybe most of the time you are working in a manhole. The only way to bring your tools into the manhole needs a small bag. This is where the tool backpack comes in. Most of these backpacks are compact so that you can have all the tools in one position always. The best part is that some of the backpacks now come with a light. The light is essential to keep seeing in dark places as you continue to work.

Tool Backpack for Different Types of Handyman

Many people from different types of professionals can easily start using the best tool backpacks 2019 today for various reasons. You have to understand what such professions would need before you can pick the best tool backpack today. Let us get to it already.

An Electrician

For most electricians, they would not need to have a large backpack. A small backpack would be perfect as the tools they have to carry are always small. You can have an electrician carrying stuff like cordless drill, pincers, screwdrivers, charger and more. As you can see, these tools would not take up a lot of space. He should have more space left for more tools if the need arises.

You can get these backpacks also allowing one-handed working for better versatility. The safety straps are a good recommendation to get the best stability. The same type of backpack could be great for those handymen dealing with cooling and thermal devices. They are likely to also carry the same tools.

A carpenter

The carpenter tool backpack might be a little different from that of an electrician. This is mostly when it comes to the size and pocket organization. You will note that these backpacks will have wider compartments so that storing of the large carpenter tools is easier. The same goes for retrieving such type of tools too. The zip closure is also important. You want to have a backpack with a strong zipper to handle the weight exerted by the heavy tools. You could also benefit from having a backpack with more padding for comfort. Remember that you will be carrying some heavy tools most the time.

A Plumber

Tool Rucksacks variety

Being a plumber means that you have to take more time to find the best tool backpack. Most of the time, you may want to pick one with a bucket style. This type of style gives you more room and also more protection for the tools. This is mostly because of the type of environments you are likely to be working in. Having a rubber tray at the bottom also gives you the best reinforcement you have always wanted.

Another important feature for a plumber backpack should be the flashlight feature. There is a number of best tool backpacks 2019 today that come with this feature today. You will be using this light to illuminate the workplace. This is especially if you spend your time working in the manholes.

Having a zip closure method can also be acceptable. You might not need many pockets, but those available should have enough size to hold larger tools. The backpack should also in a position to stand flat when it is placed on the ground without any support. This might mean getting one with a hard molded bottom. Those who are ceramists could also use a similar backpack without the need for a light.

A Whitesmith

Whenever you work as a whitesmith, you will be required to carry a lot of tools at any given time. Having the zip closure is a must for this type of profession. You will also need a backpack that allows for one hand working. The job could also use a backpack that is ultralight. This does not mean that the support and durability is affected.

There is also the need to have safety straps with this type of backpack. Take the time to check out several models to see which one has the best tool backpack safety features to work great for a whitesmith.

A Mason

This is another profession that will need to have the best tools for work all the time. Having the best tool backpack should help you with moving around the tools. The mason backpack will always be taller and wider. You expect that a mason will be using some large and wide tools always time. It should also have a way of securing your helmet and other protective equipment. It is important that you always keep safety in mind. A few pockets might be ideal with most of them being large to hold more tools.

A Decorator

When it comes to making sure that you have a backpack suited for your job, a decorator cannot be left out. If your job is to make people’s houses look great, then it is important that you have all your tools with you always. It is why you have to get the right decorator tool backpack.

One of the most important features a decorator would look at is the zip closure. You want a backpack that would allow you to work on the ladder. You can hang it on the ladder and get the tools as you want. Having bigger pockets could also be great to hold some of the decorating materials for you to use. You can have many people also preferring them to have a rubber tray.

Main Things To Consider When Buying A Tool Backpack


You can be sure that the size is going to serve as an important role when it comes to making the choice among various backpacks. Mostly you can either have the small or big backpacks. The big backpacks will be around 15 inches long or more. The width and thickness of the large backpacks can vary. Most of them would be around 12 inches in width. You can be sure that such a width is going to be great when you have to use it for various applications.

Some models can be very thick and thus appear larger. The thickness is mostly due to functionality rather than size. Some thick backpacks will often be used to make sure that you can carry heavy loads without worrying it would snap. A thicker profile means that you can also carry more tools. Well, depending on your profession, you can always find a use for such type of backpack.

You always have to consider where and how you will be using the backpack. This will impact the right size of backpack you have to buy. It is the reason the best tool backpacks for electricians will not be the same as that of masons.

Internal Compartments

tool backpack compartments

When it comes to the internal compartments of the best tool backpack 2019, then you have to consider the number of pockets and their size. The pockets will always determine how you will get to organize the backpack. It is not just the pockets, but also the loops. You need a model with the right number of pockets and loops that can help with securing your tools with ease. Depending on the profession, sometimes many pockets are not necessary. You just need a model with the right number of pockets and size too for holding the tools.

The loops have to be tight. If the loops are too big, sometimes it defeats the purpose of owning the backpack in the first place. The large loops would make the tools move around knocking each other. The continuous friction is what can lead to damage at some point.

The closure type of comes in handy when talking about the compartments. You can get the bucket style and zip style for most backpacks on the market. The bucket style would be preferred if you need it to open at the top and give you an easy access. If the job requires that you work on a ladder, then you have to consider the zip style.


The materials used to make the backpack are going to have an impact on its durability. Some materials would have better durability than others. It is important to make sure that you pick a model that is good when it comes to durability. No one wants to carry tools in a backpack that will easily tear without a warning.

It is common to find the best tool backpacks to have a fabric as the construction material. It is important to pick a model with a strong fabric construction. Some would even have a military grade fabric used in the construction. This should give you the performance you have always wanted.

The top models would also have a hard molded bottoms. The aim is to make sure that you can have a model that delivers on performance all the time. The hard molded bottoms would also help with protecting the tools from the elements.


It is possible you will have to keep carrying your backpack more often from home to work and back home again. All this time you will have the backpack full of tools. There is no doubt you will want a comfortable backpack at all times. The comfort will help you forget about the heavy load that you are carrying on your back.

So, what makes a backpack comfortable? The padding you get on the back and straps are essential for comfort. The more padding you get on the back the more comfortable it will be to keep using the backpack. For many people, they would always take the time to look for such backpacks. The shoulder straps should also have enough padding. This keeps the weight from digging into your shoulders causing discomfort.

Weight Distribution

The reason you are going for a backpack is that it will always have the best weight distribution. But do you know how this works? The first thing to check should be the padding. Make sure to have a firm padding on the straps and back. The work of the padding will be to keep the back from digging into the bag. This is crucial as the back will now maintain the good posture. A nice posture is always important to ensure you do not have spine strain.

Additional straps could also come in handy. This is when you have straps for the hip, chest, and waist. These straps will mean that you have the option of spreading the weight across the upper body. With proper weight distribution, you will never have to worry about feeling strained all the time.


Many people will always have a budget in mind before they can decide to check out several backpacks. Sometimes it is the budget that can make a person opt for a certain type of backpack. Well, make sure to have a flexible budget. Sometimes you can get the best tool backpacks 2019 that is slightly expensive than your set budget.

You also have to check the features other than just the price. Not all expensive models will be the best. Check to see if the features can match up to the price at which it is being sold. You want to make sure that you always get good value for the money spent.

Conclusion on the Best Tool Backpack 2018-2019

organizing tools efficiently

Whether you want a heavy duty backpack or just a simple tool backpack, you have an idea where to start from the guide above. You no longer have to pick the wrong backpack for your profession. The reviews of the best tool backpacks 2019 give you an idea about which model to pick based on your profession. Always make sure that you have a backpack that gives you enough room for all your tools. With the right backpack, you can always move around with the tools a lot easier. You can be sure to get the right tool backpack even if you have a limited budget.

Before you knew more about the best tool backpacks 2019, probably you had the question of what good is it anyway? Well, from the guide above, you can see why many people would want to have a tool backpack. One thing is for sure, you will always have a better way of organizing your tools. It will not take long before you can easily carry the tools to your workplace. Depending on the design and material used, you can keep the tools from getting in contact with water. This is done by waterproofing the backpack. You can see why people would want to get a tool backpack right now.

As much as you just want a backpack for your tools, it does not mean you pick the first one you see. There is the need to take more time to check out what the market has to offer. Of course, you have to understand the size of the backpack. The size will give you more options when it comes to buying the best tool backpacks 2019. You also want a model with many pockets to house the tools. The pockets are still essential for organizing the tools with ease. The material used in the construction of the model should also be strong so that the backpack can last for long.

The DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool backpack seems to be the best tool backpack 2019 you could buy today. It is one of the best tool rucksacks. It is here to help you carry all your tools with ease. The best part is that it comes with a light to help in seeing in dark environments. The backpack could be great for a plumber working in dark areas. It could still be great for anyone who finds it impressive for various applications.